Get To Know [Ep.5]: Khari Kamau

Wah gwaan Wah gwaan? Bless up for checking in here. I appreciate it a lot. I must say that I had some nervous energy running through my body while typing this. That is due to how much I rate the artwork from this talented artist and the fact that I got the chance to do this feature on him. Yeah, I rate him a LOT!

Suh mi guh suh boom…..

You’re a part of the super group namely, REM Collective. For those who don’t know about the greatness, could you give us a little insight into what the group is all about?

Khari: Well, REM Collective is my family. Each person has a role to play, which makes what we aim to achieve possible. No entourage around here, just creators. From music to visual arts, we have it covered.

You do most of the artwork for recording artiste, Leno Banton. How did the link between you and Leno come about?

Doing art for Leno is just energies, you know? We became friends before REM (Rapid Eye Movement) was created and since then we been on a mission to get our art out to the world. Teamwork mek di dream work.

You also did the artwork for his debut album, REMSZN. Talk us through the creative process for this project.

The REMSZN artwork was fun. It took me a while to figure out the direction to go in. The whole thing is really a collage of IPhone pictures that we took. I took the picture of the tree in my yard and had Leno and Snr send me their pics. The clouds are all cut out and coloured by me with layers of textures to seal it.

(REMSZN cover and tracklist)

Art by: Khari Kamau

How often do you practice your craft?

I don’t think I practice enough but I observe and research a lot for my ideas. I’m working on getting more practice done for my new creations though.


Art by: Khari Kamau

Put your playlist on shuffle and give me the first five selections. Let’s see what you got.

  1. Icon – Jaden Smith
  2. Mayor – Wiki
  3. Ascension – Flatbush Zombies
  4. Loyalty – Kendrick Lamar
  5. Poison Ivy – Little Simz

You recently did a collab piece with fellow artist, Abigail Titus (@tinysunthing) What was it like working with her and was this your first collab with her?

Yeah, this was my first collab with Abi. Working with her was great. I asked her for her floating islands and her colour choice. When I got back her part, I used the colours she chose to finish up and it came out pretty sick. It’s still one of my favourites.


Art by: Khari Kamau & Tiny Sun Thing

Are there any Jamaican visual artists you have as a role model? If no, anyone overseas?

Right now, my favourite artist is @deweysaunders. He gives great advice and makes crazy career moves. Truly inspirational.

In closing, is there any message you would like to leave with the people?

Be yourself.

Give thanks for reading! Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think about this post or the series itself. Feedback is appreciated, whether it be negative or positive. I welcome it all. If you have any questions, link me!

Keep up with Khari online and check out more of his amazing artwork.

Twitter: @KhariKamau

Instagram: @khari.kamau

REM Collective: (@remcollectiveja)


Author: Shawnello

Hey! I'm Shawn and I love art. I'm also slightly obsessed with music. Jamaican music especially.

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