Get To Know [Ep.4]: PalacePikney

This week we have another member out of the REM Collective. Meet music producer, PalacePikney. Check out previous episodes with other REM Collective members, Yanah and Khari. 

Put your playlist on shuffle and give me the first five selections. Let’s see what you got.

  1. Heart Don’t Stand a Chance – Anderson .Paak
  2. 8 – Willow 
  3. Africa Must Wake Up – Nas and Damian Marley
  4. Cold – Stormzy
  5. Where This Flower Blooms – Tyler, The Creator

Yooooo Distant Relatives is such a classic album.

Palace: It changed my life fam. My entire perspective of life was different after listening to it.

Name one album that you’ll probably never stop listening to.

Good Kid, M.A.A.D City – Kendrick Lamar

That’s a classic right there. Are there any Jamaican producers you see as role models?

Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor and Don Corleon. With a lot of respect to the older producers who paved the way but when it comes to those two, their work really stands out to me.

What initiated your choice to go into production?

Well, I was encouraged by my younger brother to get into production seeing that all he saw me do was listen to different genres of music and he had started writing music at the time as well. However, I didn’t start immediately after he told/begged me to, it actually took me at least 2 years to actually start trying it out. Then I was encouraged by Brandon (@Mck_Supreme) and Khari to continue and here I am today still working on my craft.

You play any instrumentals?

Not as yet but I’m currently teaching myself to play the keys so in due time.

One of my favourite tracks from you is Leno Banton’s Destiny. Give us a simple breakdown of the recording process for that track?

Well Leno and I were chilling and I just started to work on something. I didn’t really have any direction when I started. After I got the melody going, Leno started vibing it and gave me a few pointers as to what could be added. He started writing and if I remember correctly, the song was at least 75% completed. I bounced the track to him, he took it home and continued to work on it. A week or two later we got to recording it. I was present but Mck Supreme was the one that got the recording done. Working with Leno is really cool still because he knows what he wants to hear from himself in a session. Affi big him up for that. It was a really great session.

Listen to ‘Destiny’ here:

In closing, what message would you like to leave with the people?

Always follow your dreams and make sure God is at the forefront of it because really and truly, we can’t do it alone. We need our friends and family and God will make sure that the right friends and family will be there to help us get to where we need to be. Just continue pushing zeen. Big up to REM and every creative out here doing their thing. Bless up!

Listen to more sounds from PalacePikney on Soundcloud:



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