Get To Know [Ep.14]: Jeeby Lyricist

Today we have another upcoming talent coming in from the west end of Jamaica. Specifically, Montego Bay, Jamaica. In case you missed it, check out the feature on Courtni.

His name is self-explanatory, just take a listen to his music and you will get it….. I hope (It might take you a couple plays to “get it”)

(Jeeby Lyricist)

Put your playlist on shuffle and give me the first five selections. Just to get an idea of what you listen to.

  1. Everyday – Logic, Marshmello
  2. Bum Bum Tam Tam – Mc Fioti, Future, J Balvin, Stefflon Don, Juan Magan
  3. King’s Dead – Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake
  4. Hurtin’ Me – Stefflon Don, French Montana
  5. I Fall Apart – Post Malone

Brawta: When I wake up I play ‘Have You Ever’ by Dennis Brown

You’re from Montego Bay, Jamaica. You came to Kingston solely for UWI? Also, what was the transition to Kingston like for you?

Jeeby: Well, I definitely am a Mobaby and initially I came to Kingston for UWI. Kingston affords you the luxuries of having a variety of choices to meet your needs, the food, the parties and the live shows (mostly live shows). It’s as simple as MVP on a Friday and Dub Club on a Sunday. Mobay’s lifestyle is mostly tourist/business/money oriented.

In a previous interview, you referred to yourself as the “lawtiste”. Why did you choose law as your course of study?

My mother said I was blessed with the ‘gift of gab’. I think what she did – and what parents usually do- was to subconsciously place it into my mind, so hopefully I’d ascribe to achieve a job in a highly respected profession. I believe this was so, so that I could live a “better life than she did”, which is what any parent would want for their child.

It wasn’t until second year that I found a purpose in it. I realized that I could use it as an avenue to assist creatives in understanding their rights in the creative industry, review their contracts and anything they would need and wouldn’t reasonably be able to afford and also to prevent them from being taken advantage of.

Along with school and the music sometimes you host the Talk Up Yout radio show as well. Get into some advice on balancing everything.

My best advice is my slogan that I live by now “Embrace the Madness”. That’s the only advice I can give to anyone who wishes to pursue anything similar.

You are well known and appreciated for your clever lyricism. Go into your background as a writer and some of your musical influences.

When I was really young I was introduced to Damian Marley, who placed a lot of effort into his lyrics and then it was Eminem, two artistes known for their crafty lyricism in their respective genres. That is what I wanted to do, put lyrics together cleverly and receive appreciation, until I realized that not everyone could completely understand the complicated figures of speech. Then Vybz Kartel showed me exactly what it means to be a true lyricist. Which is, to take extremely difficult concepts and break them down to bits and pieces for everyone to appreciate and digest.

Basically, when it comes to writing. I just write what I feel in the moment, from whatever experiences I garner.

One of my favourite tracks from you is definitely ‘Potential’. What was the inspiration behind that song?

The song examines and expresses the thoughts of the “millenial” mind. Faced with the ultimatum of societal pressures of securing a “good job” and taking your talent as serious as possible to make it a profession. The logical mind understands that success requires dedication and focus on either one, but I think ‘Potential’ is a message to encourage others to honestly chase their passion and believe in the paths they create for themselves.

Listen to ‘Potential’ here:

You were slated to perform on the recently held Tmrw.tdy Music Festival but unfortunately you didn’t get to perform. Tell us about what happened.

I was on the lineup for the Festival but my examinations followed the performance on the Sunday. That is, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So, I made my decision after explaining it to the promoters of course.

In closing, what message would you like to leave with the people?

Love yourself first and believe in your own journey.

Give thanks for reading. Look out for the music video for ‘Potential’ coming soon but in the meanwhile check out more sounds from Jeeby on Soundcloud: