Get To Know [Ep.15]: Royal Blu

Today we have the international, intercontinental, intergalactic superstar, Royal Blu. I need not say anything more.

(Royal Blu)

Photo by: Destinee (@bydestinee)

Put your playlist on shuffle and give me the first five selections. let’s see what you got.

  1. Been Wavey – B Young
  2. Jumanji – B Young
  3. Yo Darlin’ – NSG ft. Geko
  4. B.I.D – Tory Lanez
  5. For The Moment – Royal Blu (UNRELEASED)

Share with us some of your best memories from high school (Meadowbrook High School)

Royal Blu: My best memories from Meadowbrook was either me running away from the vice principal because my uniform was altered or me and my friends sitting and telling funny stories or roasting each other.

Often times you have stated that Stephen Marley was one of your biggest musical influences to get into music. What is it about his music that appealed to you? Also, who are some of the other influences?

Honestly, Stephen Marley’s music just spoke to me more as I transitioned into being an adult. I remember late nights of having a lot on my mind and his music would either relax me or have me deeper in whatever mood I’m in. Other influences are Damian “Jr.Gong” Marley, Nas, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Sizzla, Barrington Levy, Aidonia and Vybz Kartel.

‘Here we Go’ was the first song that got me interested in your music and it is still a fav of mine up to this day. I see that song as your “breakout” single but I might have been late to the party. You share the same sentiment? Also, what frame of mind were you in when you wrote it?

I appreciate that you like it so much, thank you! I do see it as a breakout song. To me, it’s like a time stamp for when I really grew into Royal Blu. The frame of mind I was in at that time was sad but hopeful and thankful to my family. I was dealing with a lot of betrayal and that song was me shedding all of that and preparing for the journey ahead.

Listen to ‘Here We Go’ here:


In this song, you make reference to your brother, Andre. Go into the role he played in your musical journey.

Andre is my oldest brother. Words can’t describe how much I’m grateful for him. He is literally the greatest big brother I could have ever asked for. That man is responsible for a lot of who I am today. I don’t just see him as a big brother, but a father figure also. I’ve never known someone so pure and so loving. He’s literally the reason for me being able to do music. 

In my humble opinion, Taj Francis is definitely one of the best visual artists from our generation in Jamaica. What is he like as your brother? 

Taj is extremely hilarious and insightful. I remember moments of staying up late and just reasoning with him from night until early morning about everything in life. He inspires me to be as great in music as he is with visual arts.

So far you have released a good amount of songs with ace producer, JLL. You guys obviously work well together. How did the link come about and what is it about him as a producer that brings out the best in El Fuego? Also, should we look out for more bangers with him this year?

I made the link with JLL through another great producer, Krs (@producedbyKrs) My friend and I met Krs at a performance we did at Ardenne High School, then through Krs’ Soundcloud, I found JLL and loved his work. So I asked him to setup the link for us to do music. JLL’s production is just groovy, yo. If you were to sum me up using music, it would sound like his beats. Also, you can definitely look out for more bangers with him.

(Royal Blu)

Photo by: Jik-Reuben (@JikReuben)

Another person you work well with is fellow aritist, Runkus. Could you give us some insight into the recording process for ‘Skin Toned’?

Well, I had recorded my parts for Skin Toned like a year or so before I gave it to Runkus (@runkusinno) to finish. I didn’t have anymore ideas for it, so I sent it to him and he totally killed it. I didn’t hear his verse beforehand or anything, because I know he isn’t going to sing trash. He mixed and mastered it really well too!

Listen to ‘Skin Toned’ here:


You also went on tour with Runkus in Europe last year summer. Go into some memorable moments from that experience.

Man, there are so many moments, but I’ll give you one. I remember when we all were walking to this lake near to where we stayed. It was a lot of farm land in the area, so we were passing some cows and bulls near the fences. I had no idea that bright colours actually aggravated them at all, fam. Runkus was wearing a bright shirt. Like the shirt was almost glowing. Bro, the cows and bulls started ramming the fences and gates, we all literally started running fast as shit! I wasn’t about to be on news because we died from bulls in Europe.

Bredda…..jah know lol. Y’all can’t see but I’m dying with laughter. Give thanks no one was hurt. 

You released your (very brilliant I must say) EP, sinG with God, last year alongside ace producer, Foresta. What was it like working with him, your fav track/s on the project and what has the response been like thus far?

Working with Foresta was a breeze. Our personalities match in the sense that he’s very calm and cool, and our music reflects that. He really helped me to tap into a deeper side of myself musically and personally. My favourite track is ‘Blu Mahoe’. The response has been great, really. A magazine (Irie Magazine) even had us as their cover and they made it their album of the year. I also noticed through this project that a lot of people didn’t know I could sing. (haha!)

Listen to *’sinG with God’ here:

 *Also available for purchase and streaming on all online platforms.

In closing, what is it like being an international, intercontinental, intergalactic superstar? Also, what message would you like to leave with the people?

Being an international, intercontinental, intergalactic superstar is hard work……. if you’re not me. I’m pretty sure there is an alien listening to my music right now.

To all the people reading, if you don’t know my music, then here’s the chance. To the ones who have known me and been supporting, thank you very much. I couldn’t have been doing the kind of music I’m doing if I didn’t have you guys. Also, Fuego Fridays coming soon. As well as FDGD (Fi Di Gyal Dem) szn. Hide your girl from my music if you’re insecure.

Give thanks for reading. Bless up to everyone for the continued support. That’s the energy I need to continue doing this thing. Trust me, I really appreciate it.